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and a brief introduction to me and how I work

I am an integrative counsellor which means I have various different ways of working which I adapt to meet each person’s needs. My style revolves around my belief that the relationship created between us is what enables change and growth.

What I offer

I offer 50-minute sessions, either short-term to help you manage a specific situation, or longer-term to look into more persistent or complex issues. How long it takes depends on many different variables and how long we continue to meet is completely up to you.

Finding and trusting a counsellor to provide the right kind of support for you is important, and not easy. I offer a free initial consultation (30 minutes) in person or via Zoom or by phone so you can get a sense of who I am and how I work before booking a session.

Please contact me direct to set up a free consultation: zoeflintcounselling@gmail.com or ‭07816 551837.

About me

I started my career working on the Terrence Higgins Trust Helpline and in their Advice Centre. Before training as a counsellor, I worked for the Hoffman Institute, assessing and preparing people for the Hoffman Process, an intensive personal development course, and supporting them afterwards.

Towards the end of my training, I volunteered for the Women’s Support Centre, Surrey, counselling women affected by the Criminal Justice System, often in complex situations involving domestic abuse and substance use.

I am a musician (mainly voice, piano and shruti box) with a strong belief in the therapeutic benefit of sound and music.

Special interests


Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to find out more: zoeflintcounselling@gmail.com or ‭07816 551837‬.


  • FdSc (Greenwich) Integrative Counselling, with distinction
  • MA (Cantab) Social Anthropology

Professional accreditation

Unity in diversity

I am committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice and working affirmatively with all marginalised identities and experiences.

About counselling

There are many different approaches to therapy but research has shown time and again that the most important ingredient is the relationship. This is why I offer a free consultation so you can get a sense of who I am, how I work and whether I might be a good fit for you.

Everyone comes to counselling with a different set of hopes, needs and expectations: you may need support with a particular situation, decision or relationship; you may feel stuck, repeating patterns over and over, finding it hard to break the cycle; you may constantly relive the past or worry about the future and want to be more present.

I believe we learn and grow via our relationships and the same applies in counselling: it is the relationship of trust and safety which enables change and growth.

When recurring thoughts, feelings or behaviours are hard to manage, it can be because we learnt coping strategies in the past which are no longer useful. My role is to support and guide you as you explore whatever experience or situation brought you here and investigate what might be going on behind the scenes.


We tend to avoid difficult emotions and memories because experiencing them is painful, but they usually make themselves known somehow. We can try to contain them in other ways, perhaps lose ourselves in work, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, cleaning, social media, etc. Some have the additional stress of an identity which is stigmatised and marginalised in our society.

Revisiting early relationships is invaluable. What did your parents, caregivers, culture teach you about life, about relationships? What did you come to believe about yourself? What did you have to do to fit in or be loved? Are you still doing it now and what might it be costing you?


  • I charge £60 per session (50 mins). Please ask if this is unaffordable for you. I believe counselling should be accessible and am open to negotiation.
  • I offer concessions to those on a low income or in financial difficulty, for whatever reason.

Please contact me to find out more: zoeflintcounselling@gmail.com or ‭07816 551837‬.

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